May the Flower of your WellBeing Flourish

Along the process of growth and transformation, we must monitor our thoughts and feelings that we do not stunt or retard our growth but be ever vigilant that we are growing straight, strong towards the light of truth and virtue.

As the flower of our being grows and begins to realize its objective, we begin to grow healthier and begin to heal those parts of us that do not serve the greater good of our design for a better and holistic way of life.

The Stalk, the culmination of our purposeful thinking and meaningful feeling Buds and begins to prepare to Blossom into self-actualization then flowers into self-realization.  Drawing sustenance from the ground of our essential goodness up through the Roots of our intention from the Seed of our imagination we Flourish.  Up through the Stem and Stalk to spring forth and give birth of expectations of our wholeness and unity of our accumulated hard work and fortitude for the soul purpose of Changing that, which needs to be transformed.

To live in an integrated, determined, thinking, feeling and healing frame of mind worldview, and state of being through the conscious effort to realize the best that We, Us, You, and Me can be done and experience – for no other reason than – WE Are Able.



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