When we plant the seeds of what we want to see come to fruition we must be crystal clear in our purpose about our desired outcome.

After the seeds are planted and have taken root our purpose, our mission can now look to grow and take shape and develop in a vertical direction as we tend to what is important and how we feel about what we are initiating.  Because we can think all we want but if we do not truly desire and are not completed committed then nothing will grow from what we have planted.

If our feeling is aligned with our thinking then the roots will be strong and from the ground of our intention and mindfulness and good habits, change will sprout and bring forth a stem, which will issue forth a strong subtle stalk that will reach up to our desired goal and our purposeful outcome.

Along the process of growth and transformation, we must monitor our thoughts and feelings that we do not stunt or retard our growth but be ever vigilant that we are growing straight, strong towards the light of truth and virtue.



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