Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

 Bad faith is telling a lie to yourself.  It is a lie that we consciously believe, yet subconsciously we know to be patently false.  The expression that someone did something in bad faith is common parlance in public discourse i.e. “He negotiated in bad faith”.  It is not completely understood.

There is turning a blind eye, willful ignorance, or just plain selfish indifference.  In either case, we tend to believe what we want to find; especially if confirms our biases.  It kept us insulated and protected in our bubble of untruth, our fortress of ineptitude.

Bad faith is our attempt to run away from our inherent freedom.  We only betray ourselves when we do not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to our crap.  I know of what I speak.  For years, I deluded myself into thinking that I was doing the best I could when in actuality I was not even breaking a sweat.  I spun many stories to reinforce the lies that I told myself.  The worse lie is the ones we tell ourselves, and even worse when we start to believe them.  Believing the illusion, or delusion is a pretty pathetic way to live life.

It wasn’t until I started applying reason and logic that I started to turn my life around.  I even went so far as to use the scientific method of observing, forming hypotheses, testing it, reviewing it and then sharing.  I abandoned wishing, dreaming, praying and hoping.  I needed evidence.  I found it in results and outcomes.

I was living my life in bad faith.  I was running from my freedom while I was imprisoned in my house of mirrors.  I believed what I saw without question.  So, I challenged myself by ceasing to cherish my opinions, questioning my beliefs, and releasing my convictions.  And, slowly with confidence I left the fun house and got off the roller coaster of untruth and broken promises to myself and others and walked out into the bright light of reason and truth and embraced my freedom.  Now, I could trust myself, but moving forward, I verify with results, facts, and evidence that what I see, say, and think is real beyond a measure of a DOUBT.  I was going to say doubt, but that is now part of my process too, I doubt, it is a good thing.  Anything that cannot be falsified is untrue on its merits. Skeptically speaking that is..



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