The Whole Center.


The only place we can be truly free is the Sacred Center of our Hearts.  That quiet place where there is unconditional love and acceptance.

Accept things and circumstances as they are.  Force negates growth.  Act as every act is an Universal Law.  We either abide these laws or we run the risk of losing ourselves.

I must at times enter the dark wood of my soul to lose my mind so that I may find my soul.

I rarely love anyone more than anyone else.  However, when I find that certain Soul that joins with mine I tend to lose myself.

I must be careful because that love is amplified a hundred times over.  When mind, heart and soul are aligned things tend to reach their zenith, or peak.  Sometimes things do not go as we like and we must walk that path alone.

The Whole Center of every act, situation, or encounter is where I dwell.  I must steady my center and expand outwards towards the greater good.  I must use this energy to achieve wholeness, Health and Well Being and everyone else or this Love, Passion, and Energy will be for not.

Jeff S Turnbull


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