Flower Grows to be a Supple Reed.


When I was young, a friend referred to me as a delicate flower because I appreciated the simple beauties that life had to offer. I grew up a sensitive child, and later would be called an over sensitive adult. In time, the delicate flower grew to be a strong yet supple reed.


I learned not to let life wilt me, or snap me like a twig. After many trials and tests, I learned to know when to bend, and give, and yield to the circumstances that life would present.

I had a poet’s soul. I spent my childhood in my head, in my room, or alone in the park, or in the woods. I adored animals, the natural world and felt in tune with the rhythms of the wind, and weather. I had few friends and seldom ventured far from my room when I needed companionship. That I found in books.

I read Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and the Encyclopedia Britannica that my father bought when I was very young. Through those volumes, I could explore the world, the human body, outer space and beyond. Who needs to leave the house when one has all that knowledge at your fingertips?

I was fascinated with ancient Roman, and Greek mythology. I would study those stories to know what I needed to know about why man behaves the way he does. I had a picture bible that I read a lot too. I found it an interesting collection of stories as odd if not more so then the mythology I loved so much. Later it was Norse mythology and the conflict between those families of supposed super beings I found intriguing. To me the real heroes where those brave pioneers were walking on the surface of the moon.

In time as I grew older, I came to love the adventures of one Sherlock Holmes and his cohort Dr. Watson. Also, at that time, I fell into the melancholy that is Edgar Allan Poe. I read a lot. It was an escape for me. I had a rich and colorful interior landscape, and I always felt no one understood me, and that I was alone in my existence. I felt that I felt like no else.

Now, I know that was not the case. That is why I am using my vast skills to share what I now know – that we introverts have hidden strengths and inner reserves of fortitude that if allowed to surface and come to bear will change the world as we know it. I am calling this awareness – INTROVERSION 2.0


Jeff STurnbull

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