The Path to Liberation: No Expectations.

When I was young, what got me through was something to look forward too.  Now, what gets me through is not looking forward, or backward, or up and down for something, but accepting whatever, wherever, whenever and cherishing every moment as it occurs.

When I looked forward to something, I was inevitably disappointed.  The something could never live up to my expectations, hopes, and desires.  There was always something lacking, or not quite right.

Disappointment is a part of life.  It happens every time we hope or wish for the ideal.  The new job is not what we thought it would be, the flame of a new relationship begins to dim after a few weeks, and we feel we will die alone, yet hope springs eternal over and over and over again.

I find now, if I don’t expect anything, I can handle anything that arises, and when I am pleasantly surprised I can enjoy it so much more than trying to wish it into being.

The Stoic principle of knowing what is in my power, supported by the Buddha’s Second Noble Truth that suffering is created by desire or craving – attachment or aversion, I can be mindful and present and ever more productive by not being sidetracked by fretting or pining for anything; but being aware of the power of presence and clarity of the truth of the moment is life changing and empowering.


Jeff S Turnbull


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