As the wise sage once sung “Give peace a chance”.  I am here to say that – without Peace we have no chance.

Peace is not the opposite of war; it is our salvation.  But, peace begins with every individual, when we see, hear, feel, and understand its value.  No deity from above is coming to rescue us if we believe in some ancient literature, and accept him as our redeemer.  Salvation comes from within.  The first step is the hardest and the most important step towards our evolution, that first step is peace, or It will mean our demise.

As the saying goes hate cannot be healed with hate, it must be healed with love.  And, there can be no peace without love.  Love for ourselves and love for others.  For we are all one.  Each of us is a cell in the body of the man.

There is no other.  Politics, religion, race, education, can create boundaries and fences which separate us and can cause derision.  Philosophers and Plowman each must do their part; to eradicate the perception of the other.

But, how you may wonder, can we make peace and forge a new way of communing and communicating when our own heart rages with desire and loathing?  I will say that the most powerful and the greatest gift that mankind has is our ability to be aware.

Awareness, mindfulness, compassion the three hinges to the door of our evolution and enlightenment are there for us, we need only open the door and cross the threshold to our higher selves or we can accept the status quo of conflict and cynicism and stay mired in a world fraught with suffering and despair.

So we begin a new each day by being aware of open hearts, open minds, and open doors of opportunity to make this world, our home, a better community because Peace is at the Heart of ALL that matters.

Jeff S Turnbull


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