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When we see another person as the OTHER, we see them as the enemy.  When, if fact, our thoughts are the enemy the enemy within.  When we can accept them as an extension of our self, then we can value their input, good, bad or indifferent.

This relationship always involves a reason and a certain degree of integral thinking. We are all in this together, and if we cannot accept this fact then you, we, we, are in this world alone.

Self-inflicted anxiety is pointless, but we all do it, some more than most.  Dreading the future is futile, but fearing another – THE OTHER is calamitous, for it will get us nowhere, as individuals and as a race.

Why not take the opportunity when confronted by and with someone you do not know to learn something.  Novelty creates new events, experiences, and moments to grow and evolve.  Instead of dismissing someone on appearance or because they have an accent, be mindful approaching them and perhaps your life might change on the spot.  Spontaneously.  You might even have an awakening and move beyond your judgments and prejudices.

Put down your baggage.  I know it is hard.  A lifetime of ingrained thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and convictions, is hard to dissolve away on the spot.  However, when we meet someone new we need to clear the slate and start with a beginners mind and a child’s sense of wonder.  Then and only then may we be able to open our hearts and minds and receive what we are meant too.

We are divided politically, on religious lines, by what sports teams we cheer for, music genres, which we listen to, movies we see, television shows we watch, management and labor, and countless other US VERSUS THEM scenarios.

Whenever we put ourselves, first we marginalize someone else.  Everyone we meet is struggling with something we do not know about, has something to teach us, and has thoughts and feelings, and something to contribute.

There are a U and me in UNITY.  If we can stand united and express ourHUMANITY, then we can collaborate on created an INTEGRATED DESTINY for each and ALL of US.

Therefore, when you meet someone, you do not KNOW do not see them as a threat, see them a family member, a friend, as your Mother or Father and smile and greet them with HUMILITY.

Let them be.  If they show you who they are, believe them.  If they show you that they are not who they profess to be, let them be.  We are all worthy, however; if they show you that they are not living from a kind equally loving place, let them be.  If you need to cross the street, smile, and wave and let them go and leave them, so be it.  Given a chance, people will show you who they are.  Who there are is not your concern.  What you can be is.  Be a BELIEVER, in HUMANITY and the potential in each one of US.





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