Cannot Find Love?- Become Love.

Since I cannot be with the person that I am in Love with, I needed to find away to channel that Love so that I could make it through the day.  The best advice I ever got was to – just Love her.  So, I became Love.  Because it is something that you cannot possess but are, I chose a greater Love. I know that I AM Loved because I AM Love.logo_410276_web (1)

Until today I have always thought that, love was just a feeling, an emotion, but as I began writing, researching my heart, I had an epiphany, and I realized that love as a feeling denotes change and flux, and instability.  It changes in frequency, tone, and intensity, but the love I always speak of – the love that conquers all, the love that – is all there is, is not malleable, but a constant, unwavering, solid as a rock love.

A special relationship is one in which one enters into with another, another that is other than The source of all good.  For the relationship that one has with Source, The source of all good, The All in the All, whatever you name your acknowledgement of the higher power, is a covenant, a bond, a pact, it is not a casual relationship.  If it is, then you might want to reassess.  Perhaps this is why you are having trouble with your relationships.  All relationships should be as the one that you have with your higher power.

The epiphany that I had as I assessed my relationships – Love is a state, not a feeling or emotion, but a constant state of being.  This is invariably a choice.  We choose to be in love with all there is; unequivocally without exception.  Real Love is pure, open, and inviting without expectations, it is unconditional.  Anything else is merely a special relationship to broker to our physical wants and needs.

Choosing to love some people and not others is not love; it is relating.  Hence a relationship is a mutually agreed upon contract to except each other superficially, hoping to get more than you give, for good or bad; fully vested in the outcome conditionally.  Usually, there is a long list of unexpressed conditions, or expectations that are never fully actualized, realized, or realistic.  In the end, we set ourselves us up for failure before the honeymoon has even begun.

We objectify people, collect them, and look at them as possessions.  Love as a state of being is accepting everyone for who they are, if you know them or not; purely for the reason that they are.  They are not the other, or an It, but a Thou.  “Thou” is how we address our higher power in prayers or hymns.  It is how we show respect and reverence.  The Sanskrit word – Namaste, is how people in the east address each other; it acknowledges the divinity in the other person and in us.  It is a way of expressing your love, and accepting theirs.

If we are having trouble or experiencing difficulty loving others at this depth and breath, perhaps it is because we do not truly love ourselves.  Perhaps we do not have the strength or courage to love as a state of being, because we do not love ourselves enough to try.  Perhaps we do not accept ourselves as I am counseling to accept others.  Perhaps we do not know ourselves.  Perhaps the ego that tells us – seek but do not find, keeps us from the great treasure of knowing our true selves, which keeps us from accepting everyone one as I have stated.  Of course, we fear what we do not know, and we do not value what we do not understand.  “Know thyself,” and “To thine own self be true” are not platitudes, but signposts directing us home.

The hero in any story is always reluctant at first, and then at some crucial point is always wounded, before entering the chaotic unknown world, before acquiring the elusive magical artifact.  However, he must venture forth into the cave of shadows, and into the dark void of uncertainty.  This conflict and challenge creates tension, which encourages growth, and strength of character, and fortifies our will.  True love demands that we surrender to what is.  The Gospel of Thomas says – “Recognize what is before your eyes and what is hidden will be revealed to you.”  Love as a state of being is about vision.

Vision is seeing all there is, and I do not mean seeing with the human eye.  Seeing with your heart is to see without looking, without judging.  It is feeling without touching, thinking without reasoning, sharing without giving; it is extending your intuitive self, your soul if you will, beyond the perimeter of your physical body.  Perceiving without deceiving is another true way of seeing what is before your eyes, which helps to see what is hidden from you.

True vision needs truth, and truth needs grateful acceptance from within and from without.  Love as a state of being is a constant that is fueled by the Secret Fire of our imaginations.  If we imagine with vision that we are all one and that we live in a perpetual state of grace and unity then grace and unity will be our perpetual state of being.  We only need to imagine what we desire and desire what we imagine, and love as a state of being will summon it into being.

Love as a state of being will emanate forth from our core and send a pulse to the other person and will engender in them the impulse to feel and do the same, the same way when you smile at someone invariably it initiates the like as a response.  As a race, we long to be accepted and loved.  We need only bring the light of awareness to the darkness of being, and the being in darkness.

To me Love is Light.  It is the fifth element; it is the one true element that permeates everything.  If we take the symbolic nature of the four basic elements – Earth (Body), Water (Soul), Fire (Mind), Air (Spirit); they all composed of light – energy, this light is Aether, the breath of The source of all good that sustains us, and gives us life.  This breath, this light is also sound.  It pulses and ebbs through all.  The source of all good is love, light, sound, heat.  Love as a state of being is light.  Love can also be heat, but that is the special relationship love.  It burns only as bright as it is fed, though this does not mean that it is or cannot be pure light but it must be aligned with the light of all there is which is love as a state of being.  They are not mutually exclusive.

The love of a special relationship is an earthly love, but it can also be love as a state of being.  It really depends upon your truth, and your expectations.  If one can love without attachment, freely while acknowledging the divinity in the other as “Thou”, then you are aligned with love as a state of being and your higher truth, and with The source of all good.  If we can accept love from the other as our mother, or creator, and experience love as nourishment, accept, and receive this a supreme love, or a love as a state of being, this is pure and true.  Also, if we can give love to the other as if they were our child, and we are the creator, or mother, giving as a parent does, without conditions, this is a love supreme, and as a being of love, as we send forth love to the other the “Thou” we also send it forth to all.

Supreme love is a constant; it is a conduit that flows to and from, and back again.  It is a prayer without end, a continuous mantra, meditation without distraction.  It is awareness, unfettered consciousness, it is light, sound, heat, and it is life never ending.  Jesus, Buddha, and other prophets, and avatars were able to achieve this state.  Within this state, they were able to heal the sick, raise the dead, and perform miracles.  It is a state in which one is able to extend and enter the energy field and merge with the life force of another, with their environment, with all the elements.

We are elemental beings.  When we realize this, we will be able to move mountains.  When we realize that we are custodians of the elements then we will realize that we are our environment and not separate from it.  When we realize this, we will be able to see beyond our field of vision, and we will be able to see all and all the secrets and mysteries will be revealed.

However, right now man is in love, enamored, with the material world.  It will be our downfall if we do not stem the tide.  For if we do not begin to wake up from this slothful illusionary dream, and choose to be and know our higher selves, and reach for the light, we will end up like the house plant that grows contorted, and misshapen because it had to adapt to receive any light.  We are hypnotized by the neon dreams of artificial light in this information age that is sterile and delinquent of meaning.  Love for a thing, no matter what it is, is still a thing.

We have made idols of technology, and innovation.  Unless it can express love and feed the poor and cloth the homeless, what good is it?  Communication is important.  Sharing information is essential.  Wisdom is dependent upon experience.  Community is a visceral exchange it takes presence.  One must show up.  One must congregate to give and take to really achieve and learn.

If we could truly love in a supreme way as a state of being – wars would end, we would be our brother’s keeper, famine would be outdated, we would cure diseases purely for the reason that we choose to because we know it is right.  If as a people we could align our love each one of us, and harness this pure power, we could time travel, never get sick, never grow old, and never die.  If we all want the same thing, why can’t we achieve some of what I propose?

Love as a state of being is not a place, a concept, or idea – it is a choice, a conscious choice.  Perhaps when we are able to achieve this state or level of consciousness this state will just happen.  I believe it will take some effort given where we are now.  I pray that it does not take the world coming to the brink of self-inhalation for us as a community to realize that we have to, but we choose to, with glad acceptance from without and from within.

Jeff S Turnbull

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