Cosmic Soul Kiss


I praise harmony

As I do vows

To the rhythm of life

I must bow

I welcome change

So I may know challenge

As my soul

Hangs in the balance

To admire the reflection

And remember the past

My hindsight 20/20

Of the die that was cast

My soul is church

And my Heart a steeple

I want to open all the doors

And Love all the people

My eyes are dark and wanting

And my touch is all too cold

I hope that I find Love

Before I am too old

The emptiness of longing

The being just of one

No eclipse this fine day

Just the beating of the sun

I have so much to share

Too much to give away

Who will be the potter?

For my Love will be the clay

Pity is an arrow

To steady to its course

Myself being the target

Of anguish and remorse

A woman with a fertile soul

Who loves to sow my seed?

A blossom reaching to the sky

A strong but supple reed

We suffer all our life

To know heaven and its bliss

I’d surely trade it all today

For just one, relentless, never-ending – Cosmic Soul Kiss.




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