Right Speech, Be Impeccable with Your Words.


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Seek your own counsel.  More importantly, mind your own business.  Don’t volunteer a negative.  If you have something to say that you feel may be painful for the hearer to be heard, but needs to be said, because someone has sought your counsel, be mindful of your words.  Do not make it personal, always make it about the idea, or thought.  We can find disagreement with the thought, but not with the thinker.

Be observant of other people’s property and realize that things are none of your business also; for these are externals and we have no right or design for other people’s possessions.  Let us not find fault with people or with their externals.

If we attend to what concerns us and that which falls under our control, then we are free to do what we will, and will never suffer to do something that we do not want or will to do.  No one can harm us if we choose to follow this thinking.  Even if someone finds fault with our thinking we will not take this personally, or find fault with ourselves.  We will be impeccable with the wording of our responses if we deem one necessary.  We will not assume to understand their world view or their frame of reference because this too is an external.  This way, we will not make an enemy or incur harm.


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