The Common Good – An Uncommon Notion.

If you are worrying about being tread on, or, if you believe that you are being taxed enough already, then perhaps you believe that the common good is an uncommon notion.

And if you fear that some urban person buying a candy bar with their snap card is picking your pocket, or, that some person who is on public assistance has children so that they do not have to work you are worried about your private good.  If you believe this and are a Christian and a true believer then you may not believe or practice the common good.

It is one thing to say that someone is your brethren and another to really walk the talk.  The Common Good encompasses everyone no exceptions.  The good is what we all should have in common.

If you are bothered by a woman who nurses her child in public, yet support a television star who demeans people of color, or the LGBT community then you are concerned with your private good and not your fellow man, or woman.

If we can open our minds and our hearts and stop being so easily offended then perhaps we can move ahead as a species.  If it benefits one of us, it benefits all of us.  Self-serving self-interests do not help the greater good or the collective.  If someone receives something and someone deems them not worthy, then that someone starts screaming socialism.  When they have never read Marx or Chomsky but have only watched one right wing echo chamber.

It seems to me that those who profess to have a monopoly on values and morals lack them explicitly.  Yet the person they believe to be their god incarnate would throw a fit like he did with the hypocrisy of those money changers in the temple if he saw what was going on in his name and with his words.

Are you really that worried that the meek will inherit the world, and you might lose out on something?  While you are tearing the crust of bread from that poor sick orphans hands, you might want to wake the hell up and look around.  You don’t want the minimum wage to go up because the so-called job creators will suffer.  You want a damn pipeline, but not in your backyard, and you want wars, but will not suit up and head off to engage the enemy.  Hell, you think the enemy is the poor soul who files for an unemployment insurance extension.

If we are to participate in the Common Good, we need not any of us, to believe the hype. Whatever you do, do not hate.  Hate will not get us anywhere, it never has.  That is why we are in the position we are in now.

We are at the verge of self-extinction.  Those who want a POW to come home now, change their tune when a president they don’t like makes it happen.

We want more and more and more and more and more, for me, me, me, me…

When will we learn?  I hope that we come to understand that the Common Good is our only hope before all hope is lost

Jeff STurnbull



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