Discipline Self, Give, Be Compassionate

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All the gods they live within.

Outside the clamor and the din,

Outside the world, it sits and spins,

Our cell, our fabric, our tapestry,

A creative design no one can see.


The gods they weave and work the loom,

We pray, we swoon, and our souls are fraught,

With pangs of longing, the key is sought,

The snake sleeps beneath the tree,

No apple bitten will set it free.


The tree bristles in the bright sunshine,

The light it crests upon the crown,

The purple king, he dances down,

To join the Queen and wed with bliss,

Nothing is everything, and everything is this:


When with your brave mind,

You can walk through delusion,

Digest your hunger,

Embrace your aversions, 

Remember to remember to,

Be aware of being aware,

To shape every thought, word

And action, with loving care.


To make peace with your anger,

Learn to love your lust,

To be true, empty is full,

Cultivate your compassion and be just.


With understanding your obsessions,

Do not doubt, but doubt it all.

When everything is nothing,

And nothing is everything,

All is eternal becoming.

On the path to return

When fire scolds and ice it burns

To be still and all motion,

A drop is an ocean.


All the gods they live within.

Can you hear the clamor and the din?

Inside the world, outside I spin.

Jeff S Turnbull


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