The Heretics User Guide – Get out of Your own Way!


Do you want to be free and be happy?  To do this, you must let go.  To do this, you must recognize that you are human.  You must realize that there are things within your control, and an infinite number of things that are beyond your control.  The path to liberation begins in being able to see the difference between the two.  One being your inner landscape of your mind, your emotions, and your body or your senses.  The other being the world at large and the infinitesimal number of variable occurrences; good, bad, or indifferent that may or may not happen.  Whatever the case, the outside world is not you, but you are in the world.

What is in our control is how we negotiate our way through it, the world and our life.  Nothing is either good or bad, but it is how we handle ourselves that determines our lot in life. Within in our control is our opinions, which we should seek to cherish; our beliefs, which we should question; and our convictions, which we should release.  Mental bondage is of our own making.  We choose the life we create.

Beyond our control are the families we are born into; our DNA, our socioeconomic situation, body type etc… As the saying goes, we must play the hand we are dealt.  These things are not our concern. How are we to know any different?  If we try we injure our self-trying to be someone or something we are not.

Whatever our personal challenges are, we deal with them.  We do not judge ourselves.  We have the option to change our mind and in doing so, we change our life.  I have control over how I see the world. I can either be a victim or fall prey to the nonsensical whims of the world or victor of my own personal circumstances.

Cultivate patience with externals but more importantly, cultivate patience with yourself.  Be kind to yourself and odds are you will have more patience with those things in which you’re powerless to change or control. Self-mastery of thought, word, and deed will strengthen your resolve to be the best that you can be and enable you to reach new heights.

Jeff S Turnbull







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