See the Light – Focus on Us.

Focus requires a dedicated sense of presence.  It is not tunnel vision, not being myopic, no blinders, are needed and even vision is not required.

What is needed is being there- mind, spirit, soul and body.  It is total and complete awareness.  One needs to see beyond seeing, to see with one’s heart.

When we get stressed and our amygdala fires off and our limbic system is in full effect and full force, as a survival mechanism we tend to be hyper vigilante on our surroundings and what we believe to be a threat.  When that happens our senses are magnified, but what is needed our empathy shuts down and we retreat or we fight, but fight what.

Focus asks that we open to the person, event, or experience before us.  I believe that if we try to envision ourselves doing that which we are trying to accomplish to focus on that we are in fact – IT, THOU, what have you; the target of our intention and attention.  We become what we think about.

When we magnify or telescope in we miss the forest through the trees.  When we are scanning the horizon, the crowd, the haystack, if we soften our focus, miraculously what we are straining to see – appears.

Focus takes imagination.  To imagine that you are where, what, how, who takes letting go.  It also takes inspiration to summon the energy to be these imaginings, feelings, thoughts, while absorbing the very essence of the subject of your inquiry.

The examined is changed as well as the examiner.  The object of observation and the observer, the felt and the feeler.  With eyes open, eyes wide shut, one closed one opened, it is the ocular muscle that sees, but it is the mind that bears witness and our consciousness that perceives, receives and believes.

Focus on the source of all good, in all and all will be revealed.

Jeff S Turnbull



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