Our Soul Our World.

1782146_10152232794198122_1813273295872014296_nIf our individual Souls are repositories for our outer other world thoughts, feelings, and experiences, the World Soul is a great reservoir. Our awareness and intuitive selves are our conduits in which we can travel to other locations and other beings; to share and exchange our wisdom, and experiences.

We can do this by changing our perceptions; utilizing critical thinking, as well as tapping into that fifth element again: Ether, the Akashic Records, where all thoughts and experience float through the atmosphere like radio waves that permeate all via The All.

This is where just being is so important.  Whenever thinking is applied it negates access and prohibits communication.  Have you ever tried to remember the name of someone or something only to remember it later; only after you ceased thinking about it?  The first part of Knowledge is “Know”; we already know we just need to remember, be still and listen; tune in if you will.

In the stillness, the quietude, if you ask a question and then listen with an open mind, and be receptive to receiving it you will be given an answer.  The answer to any question is in the asking.  Sometimes when we ask a question, we think of the answer before it is offered.  Has that ever happened to you?  The key is receptivity in any form of communication, be it verbal or non-verbal.

If you are not open and responsive to the information you will try to interpret it to your preconceived notions and filter, and much will be lost in the translation.  Listen with your Solar Plexus.  That’s right trust your gut; use your intuition.  Do not let your Ego tell you it is not so.  Act on inspired thought.  Be IN- Spirit and listen to Source.  The Universal Mind of The All will support, share and expand you.  It wants you to remember.  It LOVES you.  Value the information that you receive; for we only understand that which we value.  The key is to be open-minded and suspend judgment of what you are receiving, and what you think you know.  Surrender and listen and wait; you may be one epiphany away from a paradigm shift.

William Blake said: “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite”

It will; infinite intelligence will communicate infinitely without end.  It is staring us right in the face; it is right under our noses.  Actually, it rests right on our upper lip.  That little divot on our upper lip was imprinted upon us when an Angel pressed her finger to it just before we were born as if to say Sshh…

 “The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding.” – Kybalion

 So, be quiet and listen and understand that we need to remember, and everything will appear as it is – infinite.

Jeff S Turnbull




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