The Song of Sovereignty


The Kings of Chaos
And the Lords of Bliss
Could not see eye to eye

The Kings wanted death
The Lords chose Life

The Kings imposed hell
The Lords offered heaven
One had servants
The other had brethren

The Kings garnered property
Esteem and possessions
And worried about lineage
Heirs and succession

The Lords spread the good news
Of Love and Wisdom
Far and wide they shared the truth
Of the beauty of their kingdom

The Kings build walls and motes
The Lords build bridges
The Lords seek unity
The Kings sow seeds of derision

The kings live in darkness
The Lords live in the light
The Lords gift is compassion
The Kings thinks theirs is might

Both seek to lead
And both need each other
Only one sees the power
Of accepting the other
As their brother

On the path to divinity
And to liberation
The self must die
So to the myth
The illusion of our separation

Jeff S Turnbull

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