The Kings of Chaos



Politicians and Religionists,

They are to blame.

There’s no difference,

There’s no schism,

They’re full of wrathful

Hot tempered wisdom,

Guileful and pious.

Looking through a fractured prism

Pontius Pilates and Pharisees,

Selfish, self-righteous, death dealers

All of these.

Sacrificing their women and children

To their bloodthirsty god to appease,

Their darkest desires, bellow fire

Blaming, shaming, gaming,

To fuel the flaming.

Conserving nothing, polluting all,

Ridiculing, pushing, and praying for the fall.

Looking to eradicate, while they castigate

The poor, the hungry, and the huddled masses.

Serenity is the enemy.

There the victim – fractured, fragging

Always nagging,

Manifesting darkness,

They dance upon the carcass.

Ill-tempered pulpit bullies

Sitting on their asses.

Playing Caesar such a ploy,

Abusing interns and altar boys,

These shattered souls

To them just toys.

Domination, Coronations

Demanding of us sublimation.

But their white-knuckled

To their weapons of deception,

And their god of insurrection.

Is this world a curse?

Or a blessing, a lie,

Worth forgetting?

At the elliptic of our humanity,

The right’s memes are pure insanity,

The left’s purpose flaccid inanity,

Fission, derision

We must make a decision.

We are the choice,

The fury and the noise,

Signifying everything and nothing.

Rise and shine or be blind.

Your world is yours to define.

Full of bluster and atrocities,

Or an orchestra of soothing melodies,

A universe of harmony,

Liberation and eternity,

The human one won’t set you free,

Unless you see him in me.

There the treasure waits,

In sublime agony,

But my ears do hear,

And my eyes do see,

Whispering to me

She works the loom.

Lovingly, she tells me true,

The Rose, and I

And, the desert shall bloom.


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