The Lords of Bliss



Peacemakers and soothsayers

Both can agree

That love and truth

Will set us free

With open hearts

And open minds

These are the paths

To the divine

The journey inwards

To our very core

Seeking and searching

Our wholeness restored

Asking of each other

What ails you, my friend

Is the beginning of healing

Is no way the end

When souls ache

And mistakes injure

And shadows of our hope

Lay furrowed and in danger

Seeing into

And not through

Brings us closer

There are no strangers

Brothers and sisters

And cousins to all

We reach for ourselves

While giving our all

We climb the mountain

Without fearing to fall

In our essence no pretense

We are who we see

We are who we were

And will always be

Seeking peace and contentment

Wholeness and joy

Our sovereignty our birthright

No one can destroy

We lords and we ladies

Of righteousness and bliss

We souls and we spirit

If nothing we know this:

We share one body

This body of man

We share one soul

This world soul – Amen

We are of the spirit

That we are of one mind

To reach for the heavens

A world of serenity

A world sublime

Bliss and tranquility

For you, for you are me

Is infinite, eternally

If we choose to

Let it be

And sing one song

One song collectively

The song of bliss

The song of sovereignty.

Jeff S Turnbull







2 thoughts on “The Lords of Bliss

  1. Hi, Jeff. Happy New Year! Do you remember me? I’m Luanne`s husband. Just curious to know if you want to grab a cup of coffee (or chai) sometime. Let me know. Be well!

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