The Source of All Good is Within US.


I don’t need a deity to be good.  I am and can be on my own.  I don’t need to be good now so I can go to a better place later.  If that’s the case I got it covered.  But, it is the here and now that really matters.  Because we are living in a world of matter.

Since we are in a world of matter we are in bodies thus making us imperfect in some way.  That being said it is up to each one of us to strive and seek a life of meaning as we work to improve ourselves.

If our intellect or spirit is the height of our intelligence we should work to be the brightest that we possibly can.  You don’t need a PhD., but we do need to take an interest in the world around us; outside of entertainment, gossip, and shopping.  Read a book, pursue a lifelong dream.  Use your limited time here to make a difference, make a mark, and create a legacy.

If our humanity or soul is the depth and capacity for empathy, we should plumb the depths of who we are and how we can share that with the world.  Be aware of those around you.  The only time you should look down at someone is when you are helping them up.  Look people in the eye when you are talking to them be present, be there.  The most important person is the person who is standing there before you.  Try to bond with them if you have the time.  If you find them interesting connect with and try to create something, a moment, a memory.  If you don’t find them interesting but perhaps offensive, do a little self-exploration and find out why?  Usually, it is our stuff that holds us back.

Seek the source of all good within, within yourself and within everyone if just for a moment, an instance and look for something to take away, something to share.  Connect to create so that we can make this world a better place in the here and the now and for all time.

Jeff S Turnbull

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