For the Glory of Humanity


A blood donor didn’t save my life.  Nobody died for my sins.  I do what I do, for the glory of Humanity, Humankind, The Human race.

A friend told me that he works hard and does everything to the best of his ability – For the Glory of God.  As I stood there thinking to myself – Should I tell him that there is no god and that his intentions are misguided?

 I could not.  After my deconversion, all the reading I have done lately, and my new way of thinking – reasoning, logic, and rationality and critical thinking tells me that there is no god and that Humanism is the only Glory there is.

We are good without god.  In fact, we cannot be good with god.  Looking at the world with rose-colored glasses is a delusion.  For the rose color, the blood of your lamb, not mine, colors your thinking, your reason, and your worldview.  Probably, because you are hoping, and praying that these are the end of times, and that you are special and beloved of your King, Father, Sky god, and that you will live forever in some mythical place in the sky.


It’s not going to happen.  Make your heaven here for this is all there is.  Get over yourself.  For the glory of humankind awaits you.  You are your brother’s keeper.  Begin today and give everything to him, her, and it…. Nature, the environment.  Embrace science and the natural world.  Live for today, not some ancient literature, not some future utopia.


Eat the apple, read from the book of knowledge of good and evil, and use reason and logic to discern the difference between the two.  For in the recesses of the heart of humanity, all will be revealed.  Love is all there is, Love is all there is.

Jeff S Turnbull

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