Trust the Seed



The Seed of human kindness rests within each of us.  To some degree, it grows and flourishes.  Some of us display it in different ways.  Even the most ruthless killer must love his mother.

For it to flourish and grow it must be cultivated and nurtured.  Before we can do it ourselves the responsibility rests with our parents and those who are guardians.  If not it is subject to what the environment has to offer; good, bad and indifferent.

I am not proposing the nature or nurture argument but I am proposing both.  The outer as well as the interior environment.  A seed will grow on even the most barren ground, but must struggle to survive.  Sometimes this makes the growth stronger and more robust, sometimes it means stunted and distorted growth.

But, if we can realize that we are not the tree, but the forest; we do not have to stand alone.  If we come with unity in our hearts and inclusiveness in our thinking we can reach new heights and grow stronger, taller and more expansive.

Our growth as a people is only limited by our thinking and feeling.  If we shut ourselves off and everyone else we will not be rooted in our evolution as a race, merely a tragic experiment doomed to failure.

So, I say trust the Seed, let the ground of being be fertile and drink in the nutrients from the source of all good and grow together in unity and in peace.

Jeff S Turnbull

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