The reason why I AM HERE –  is that I would like to offer my services. If your business has grown and after all your blood, sweat, tears, and hard work it has plateaued and you know that you have more to offer or more market share that is attainable but need help. I AM HERE TO HELP! I have worked in numerous industries in different markets at many levels; from an Executive position as a Marketing Coordinator to an associate on the Sales Floor.

Along the way, I learned that Communication is everything. When it breaks down we are done. Getting the word out there and keeping it out there changes day to day with all the technology. Some of us get left behind or we miss the curve. I am a storyteller. There are many ways to tell your story and many platforms. I can help.


Authentic stories have an impact. I tell stories, I would tell myself. A remarkable story gets retold. Ideas with good stories spread. Stories that spread have an impact. Impact connects and creates value and attracts attention and interest. Attention and interest and an authentic story create customers, members, followers, and a community of friends for life. I am a storyteller. Words matter. Feelings matter. Stories are told with words that express feelings.


Feelings expressed through authentic stories spread. Stories connect us. We are all storytellers. And, we all want to tell stories about what we feel has value. We especially enjoy telling these stories to those who understand and value what we are sharing. Stories have value. And, if we understand them they can improve our lives. Ask me for a story, so that we can connect and create… JEFF TURNBUL

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